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Lupita Nyong'o in Tsavo West, Kenya

Lupita Nyong’o spreading her wings in Tsavo West, Kenya

I first met Lupita when she was fresh out of high school in Kenya some years ago. At that time, I was asked to do some fashion shots for my friend, Ann McGreath, who owns the Kenyan fashion house, KikoRomeo. We were scouting for models and I remember meeting Lupita who, at first, seemed a bit quiet and shy.

Well, that sure changed when our production team began traveling around Kenya shooting scenes in Tsavo West National Park and Mombasa. Over the days, she opened up and spread her wings. She revealed herself to be intelligent, vivacious and a natural in front of the lens.  I was watching the first glimmer of early stardom that she would attain with her Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination for “12 Years A Slave”. Good luck to her!